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Foot Ball Club Alba Roma

Vincent Candela is back on the field with the Foot Ball Club Alba Roma - Accademia Roma, to give children the values of Sports Culture

The project of Accademia Roma Calcio - Vincent Candela has been set up in 2013, as an idea of the former AS Roma and French National player.

His love for football and his vast experience led him to get involved in such an ambitious and difficult project, especially given the historical period and the great economical difficulties for Italy.

But Vincent Candela is not afraid and started this wonderful adventure. Once identified the ideal location, in Via Mattia Battistini in Rome, the hardest task was that of forming a team with suitable managers and coaches for the idea that the former “Giallorossi” player had in mind.

A really great love for Football and Sport and a lot of experience gained on the pitches around the world as a professional, with the conquest of important Trophies such as the italian Scudetto with AS Roma in 2001 and the World and European Championships with France in 1998 and in 2000.

This cultural and sporting know-how is what Vincent Candela pretends to bring the children, with making them understand the importance of sport, of healthy eating, the culture of defeat even before the taste of victory, and the Fair Play rules and respect for the opponent.

These are the values that consitute the Accademia Roma Calcio - not the frantic search for a new champion, but mere and clean love for sport, in order to forge people for life rather that only for the soccer field.

"The work in this first year has been really hard and tough – explains Candela - but we are only at the beginning. The road is long but we want to build a major project for Rome and for children".

The Accademia Roma Calcio already has, in its first year, over 100 children enlisted, aged from 5 to 12. In the project there is also a Goalkeepers Academy, specifically designed for a really unique and special role, which form the children's behavior.

Particular attention is also given to dynamic activities, fundamental to all ages but especially for children in their early years as young sportsmen. Once a week, in fact, the guys meet some specialists of this scientific field.

Certainly, as of today this may perhaps not be the largest and best organized football school in Rome, but the commitment of everybody is high and the Accademia Roma Calcio aims to become – in the short term - a point of reference in the Roman panorama, for all those children and parents who will want to get involved in life through sport.

"I was lucky enough to do the best job in the world, the football player, so that I was able to experience extraordinary moments as well as very difficult times - says Candela - the important thing is to start doing sports with the idea of wellness and health, mental training of children and to provide them with a useful tool to deal with life. We do not build Champions sitting around a coffee table. The advice I can give to children is “to be children” as long as they can and have fun... And the advice I can give to parents is to give their children the opportunity to have fun through Sport".

Written by Guglielmo Vallesi 2014. 6. April Tr32tadue 4180 Hits

Company - Trentadue

The extraordinary and enviable career as a successful footballer has precise and very short time limits: the decade that goes from 30 to 40, and that usually marks the first significant successes in the life of a "normal" person, for an athlete often represents the so-called Indian summer.

Even an extraordinary Champion like Vincent Candela has not been able to escape this typical law of sport, and at age of 36 - the fateful boots hanging up - he has began planning the future for him and his family.

The choice of the brand and logo could not be different: in fact, 32 is the shirt number that has almost always marked his football victories, and "Trentadue" ("Thirty-two", in italian) is therefore his business card also as an entrepreneur.

A businessman with many interests and so many activities, starting with the organizing of events and ceremonies in his beautiful Estate "Tenuta dell'Angelica", through the production and marketing of wines (strictly Italian and French, and that could not be otherwise), the inevitable Football Academy (Accademia Roma Calcio) where kids stamp their first steps on the pitch, to the initiatives in the field of Charity, to which Vincent has always dedicated himself with generosity and attention.

All this together with a young and dynamic team of professionals, communications experts and business managers - Because "Trentadue" is a truly important number: a winner's number!
Written by Guglielmo Vallesi 2014. 10. March Tr32tadue 4346 Hits