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Roma Legends

Roma Legends is much more than a mere slogan: it is - and wants to be - a reference point for all those nostalgics of a passion that is renewed at any time, and that is able to effectively recur even nowadays.

Vincent Candela's project took shape as early as 2013, with the idea of bringing together all those who have had the honor and privilege to wear the Giallorossi colors, to return to being protagonists and - simultaneously - take an active part in a project aimed both for sporting purposes and social initiatives in favor of the most vulnerable, particularly children, adolescents, disabled people and all those who are suffering from genetic diseases.

Roma Legends is therefore making its first steps, but at long strides: there are various events being projected, such as friendly matches and tournaments with many players from the past - recent and not so recent - that very many of them have already decided to take part.

We just have to stay in touch through this website and the major social networks connected to it: we will see wonderful things!
Written by Guglielmo Vallesi 2014. 10. April Tr32tadue 4922 Hits

Company - Trentadue

The extraordinary and enviable career as a successful footballer has precise and very short time limits: the decade that goes from 30 to 40, and that usually marks the first significant successes in the life of a "normal" person, for an athlete often represents the so-called Indian summer.

Even an extraordinary Champion like Vincent Candela has not been able to escape this typical law of sport, and at age of 36 - the fateful boots hanging up - he has began planning the future for him and his family.

The choice of the brand and logo could not be different: in fact, 32 is the shirt number that has almost always marked his football victories, and "Trentadue" ("Thirty-two", in italian) is therefore his business card also as an entrepreneur.

A businessman with many interests and so many activities, starting with the organizing of events and ceremonies in his beautiful Estate "Tenuta dell'Angelica", through the production and marketing of wines (strictly Italian and French, and that could not be otherwise), the inevitable Football Academy (Accademia Roma Calcio) where kids stamp their first steps on the pitch, to the initiatives in the field of Charity, to which Vincent has always dedicated himself with generosity and attention.

All this together with a young and dynamic team of professionals, communications experts and business managers - Because "Trentadue" is a truly important number: a winner's number!
Written by Guglielmo Vallesi 2014. 10. March Tr32tadue 4409 Hits

Roma Legends

Roma Legends è molto più di uno slogan, di due parole ad effetto: è e vuole essere punto di riferimento per tutti i nostalgici di una passione che si rinnova in ogni momento, che è in grado di riproporsi efficacemente anche al giorno d'oggi.

Il progetto di Vincent Candela prende forma già nel 2013, con l'idea di riunire tutti coloro che hanno avuto l'onore e il privilegio di vestire i colori giallorossi, per tornare ad essere protagonisti e - contemporaneamente - prendere parte attiva in un progetto finalizzato sia alla pratica sportiva, sia alle iniziative sociali in favore delle fasce più deboli, in particolare dell'infanzia, dell'adolescenza, dei diversamente abili e di quanti sono affetti da patologie genetiche.

Roma Legends sta compiendo pertanto i primi passi, ma ad ampie falcate: sono già in fase di studio diversi eventi, quali incontri amichevoli e partecipazioni a tornei con tantissimi calciatori del passato - recente e non - che già numerosissimi hanno deciso di sposare questo progetto.

Non ci resta che rimanere in contatto attraverso i comunicati di questo sito ed i social network ad esso collegati: ne vedremo delle belle!

Written by Nicola Cilento 2014. 1. February Tr32tadue 7732 Hits